Tandoori Dishes

These tandoori dishes are delicately spiced and marinated in yogurt and herbs, barbecued in a flaming charcol oven and served with fresh green salad and a mint sauce.

Chicken or lamb Tikka
Chicken or lamb pieces marinated in tandoor spices, skewered
and barbecued in a tandoori oven.


Moonlight Chicken Tikka
Breast of chicken marinated in a mint sauce, cream and lemon. Served with a mild creamy sweet sauce.


Tandoori Chicken
Chicken or Lamb Shashlick
Large pieces of chicken or lamb with onion, peppers, tomato, marinated in mild spiced sauce.
Tandoori Mixed Grill
1 Piece tandoor chicken, 3 pieces chicken tikka, 3 pieces lamb tikka & 1 sheek kebab, 1 lamb chop. Served with a nan bread.
Tandoor King Prawn £13.95
Sheek Kebab
Lamb mince meat.
Lamb Chop
Tender lamb chop, cooked in a tandoori oven.


Please note:

Please inform us if you are allergic to any ingredients or nuts.

Please allow a minimum of 40 minutes for your meal when we are busy.